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It's A Good Day For Links

Some real good ones to check out, today.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Recap from Five For Howling

Good to get their side of things.

Recap from The Leafs Nation

I disagree with Cam's admiration for Jake Gardiner's game - he was a turnover machine - but he did score a goal, which was nice to see.

What's different now?

Michael Langlois isn't sure he sees anything particularly different between this Leafs team that has won 5 straight and the one that sank out of the last wild card spot not that long ago.

Tortorella suspended for 15 days, Fines Hartley $25k

I think the fine on Hartley is a bit much, but whatever. If it discourages coaches from dressing guys like John Scott (and we don't know that it necessarily does) I'm all for it.

Derek Zona responds to Daryl Katz's open letter

It's pretty good.

Marlies win in Rockford

Always good to hear.

Canadian Provicial teams Part 1 and Part 2

Outside of the Ontarian team (which the author hasn't assembled yet), I'm not sure any of these would be an Olympic threat, but most of them could compete pretty well most nights as an NHL team.

14 minutes of angry goalies

Worth a watch. Roy is in there a lot, but his son also makes the cut.