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[Thursday LL] Another game of hockey!

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Claus Andersen

I know the teams and players hate it, but man do I love when the league plays with a condensed Olympic schedule. More hockey than you can shake a stick at.


Maple Leafs Trade for Brandon Kozun | Toronto Maple Leafs
Marlies make a move. Crescenzi heads to the Monarchs.

Michael Del Zotto Trade: A Deeper Look At The Kevin Klein Acquisition
The Rangers moved MDZ for Kevin Klein yesterday.


Mirtle: Win streak allows Leafs to keep up with the Joneses - The Globe and Mail
Mirtle talks about the Leafs' six game run and what it's done for their playoff hopes.

Nathan Gerbe goes between-the-legs for goal of the year candidate (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Is he tarnishing the game like that foreigner, Hertl? I can't keep the hate straight.

Trotz: Dubnyk had ‘bad habits’ with Oilers -

"Lowe Must Go" Campaign Reaches Hilarious New Heights - The Copper & Blue
Even when they're not on the internet, Oilers fans suffer well.

Leafs prospects' mid-term rankings

From TLN

The Steve Dangle Podcast

From TLN

VLM Podcast

Episode 8

Just keep winning

The Blue and White Brotherhood looks at the Leafs' recent in-game Corsi numbers

Isolating the problem with Taylor Hall

He's playing in Edmonton.