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Leafs Lose To Dallas By Six Goals. No One Fired Yet.

Leafs get embarrassed in Dallas, 7-1.

Ronald Martinez

A short recap, because I didn't watch the whole game - or rather, the game became unwatchable. The Leafs gave up 55 Corsi events against (45% of all events, even despite score effects). First off, try to see how far you can get through this game in six:

The Leafs have lost by 5 or more goals in three of their last eleven games. Coming off a stretch of six wins, the Leafs must've lost their confidence on the plane to Dallas or something - after all, confidence breeds wins, and I've been assured that the front office isn't even willing to consider criticism of their defense-first coach.

Both goalies had the opportunity to be victimized by the Leafs' defense, and it only got worse when Randy conceded the game by playing his bottom six more often than not, which is both good for the team and to be expected. Defensive zone play was left wanting, to say the least, and the offense couldn't beat Lehtonen, save for a tip by Kulemin on a Gunnarsson shot. Gripe about the game in the comments.