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Better Late Than Never


Marianne Helm

Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island. Discuss.

L.A. Backstory: How outdoor hockey went from Hollywood to Dodger Stadium
From Yahoo Sports Canada: The genesis of the NHL's outdoor game was the 1991 movie "Mystery, Alaska," and the league has turned the hockey fantasy into a six-game reality this season

Why the narrative on Grantland's Dr. V story shifted, and what lessons that can teach us
Andrew Bucholtz is a good writer.

Baltimore’s Forgotten Champions
Oral History of the Baltimore Stallions. Prettttttty cool.

College Hockey Game Ends In Total Mayhem
The conclusion of Saturday's Mayor's Cup game between Union and RPI ended with an on-ice donnybrook, and players weren't the only ones fighting.

L.A. outdoor circus
NHL’s Dodger Stadium showcase was astounding and outstanding

Rat PIM Update – A Month of Fighting
A really neat look at whether fights increase penalties.

The hotties of the Winter Games
It's the shitty NY Post but you'll see why it's up here

Brian Burke: The Anaheim Duck Years
Looking at how he built the Ducks.

Is Groupthink Crippling The Oilers' Organization?
Is anyone challenging front office decisions?

Do the Penguins lose their focus on defense when they are fully healthy?
Why are the Penguins giving up so many goals since Kris Letang and Evgeni Malkin returned to the lineup?

2014 Olympics Preview: Profile of an Olympian — Phil Kessel
Phil Kessel is pretty sweet

Ejected Soccer Player Tries To Attack Taunting Fan
This is hilarious and the guy then had his contract terminated.

Case Study: How ROOT Sports is ruining the viewing experience
We're lucky in Canada with the quality of the video on hockey broadcasts.

Washington Capitals at New Jersey Devils: Zone Exits and Passing Stats
This is a look at the zone exits and passing stats for the New Jersey Devils' 52nd game of the season against the Washington Capitals. Read on the for the details. If you want to track this for Leafs games let me know

LA Kings’ Las Vegas misadventure
Recalling the melted ice, locust swarm of 1st outdoor game

Possessing the Puck in 1969, 1981, and 2013
Looking back at a game from 1969, one from 1981, and one from 2013

AHL: Enforce Your Rules
Why do they always mess things up at Ricoh?

The Many Faces of Phil Kessel
This is the best Tumblr ever

These Seahawks Fans Tried To Watch Last Week's Game In Silence, For $5k
What Fox Sports did to this group of Seahawks fans is just plain cruel. Hilarious, but cruel.

Montreal Canadiens are an unmitigated disaster and Michel Therrien is to blame
When you're being labelled as worse than Randy Carlyle...