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Tuesday Links: Leafs Literary Liason

A Joe Bowenian title.

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Marianne Helm

Nazem Kadri: friend of his teammates

Love that kid. Good article from Cam Charron.

Kulemin not a fan of Don Cherry

Shocker. Story from Mirtle.

Phaneuf leads Leafs' offence from the blue line

Another one from Mirtle.

Last night and Taylor Hall

The latest from Tyler Dellow

Doug Wilson should apologize to Dustin Brown?

From Jewels From The Crown

KHL defenceman makes save of the year on an empty-netter

Video from Wyshynski

Leafs Notebook – January 27 | Toronto Maple Leafs
Why is the Leafs' PK struggling so heavily? Plus much more on the week that was in Leafland.

Systems Analyst: If you’re covering a guy’s position for him, you should actually cover it
The first two paragraphs are key

NBA launches new tracking system to capture player statistics
This will come to the NHL in five years or less and it will blow our minds

How To Be A Hockey Player
How To Be A Hockey Player, using clips from famous hockey movies. QUACK QUACK QUACK! (NSFW content here - beware!)

Transfer Records, and Why They Mata
The economics of spending in sports focusing on transfer fees in soccer. Relates to why it's important to put salaries on the same level in a cap system

Sam Rhodes and the future of football journalism
It's so easy to make bullshit up as a sports reporter so why are we shocked when fraudsters do the same?

The Skill of Avoiding Hits
A few different approaches to seeing if not getting hit is a skill

Leafs prospect Connor Brown reaches 100 pts in just 48 games
This performance is heartening from one of the Leafs' late round picks.

Capitals’ fathers come from all over the world to celebrate hockey, pride — and their sons
Hockey, pride and love of their sons break down barriers for Capitals’ fathers from all over the world. This is a pretty cool story!