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Humpday Linkage

Links for you to pass the day

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Game Recaps

Leafs Nation




Sportsfeld Episode Two

Listen to it and love it

Troy Bodie Stay Please

Somebody's got a man crush.

Dave Poulin Talks

Says stupid thing.

January Prospect Update

THW tell us how the kids on the farm are doing.

Will the Rest of the Outdoor Games be Any Good?

Probably not.

Back to Back with a Shutout

mc79 gives you the rundown.

Third String Goalie: 1974-75 Toronto Toros Paul Henderson Jersey
The history of hockey told through hockey jerseys

Conner Mertens came out to his college football team last night. Now he comes out publicly. - Outsports
A place kicker at Willamette University in Oregon, Mertens came out as bisexual to his team last night. He now comes out publicly in hopes of inspiring other LGBT athletes to come out and be true to themselves.

Football as Football
We love football. Both kinds. Football As Football is a design exploration of American football logos redesigned as European football (SOCCER) logos.

Playing Martin Brodeur for nostalgia’s sake will cost the Devils
Hopefully they keep it up

Beach volleyball, fireworks and KISS: The NHL at Dodger Stadium
The first outdoor ice hockey spectacle in Southern California doubled down on "spectacle." A look at the good and the bad of manufacturing an experience.

Straddling the Lines
New blog, check him out, comment, be nice.

2014 NHL Draft Rankings January Consensus Top 60
Aaron Ekblad noses into the lead, Perlini moves up

Thoughts on Thoughts: NHL GMs deal with a double trade deadline
Bourne's got some thoughts to share