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Good Game, Bad Articles

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Claus Andersen

Game Recaps

Leafs Nation




10 NHLers Who Most Need a Change of Scenery

Reimer sure, but Gardiner?

Don't Half Ass it NHL

Pardini wants the NHL to make up its mind with regards to outdoor games.

Maple Leafs Trade Bait: No Catch to be Made

Chum the waters.

Ovechkin has Statistical Dominance?

Not according to yet another terrible article by the Department of Hockey Analytics.

Looking Ahead to Next Year: Spend or Save Between the Pipes
Goaltending has been a significant problem for the Oilers this season. Should they spend big money in the offseason to solve the problem?

Peyton Manning Literally Throwing Ducks Is The Least Funny Funny Thing
Richard Sherman accused Peyton Manning of throwing ducks. Because the Internet exists, here's a video of Peyton Manning literally throwing ducks.

Why Supporting a Team isn't Like Choosing a Washing Machine
Check it out.

What to do with fading contenders?
Detroit and Vancouver are at a crossroads

5 reasons why you should follow the 2014 Copa Libertadores

NHL Trade Rumors: Separating Love And Logic In Hockey
Why you need to think with your brain ... sometimes.

If It Happened There: How would we cover the Super Bowl if it were in another country?

This is always funny

Taylor Hall: Points vs Corsi

By traditional measures Taylor Hall is having a great season. By non traditional measures things don't look quite so good. Who's right?

Why can't U.S. soccer players get respect in European football

Not exactly a brain teaser

P-A Parenteau for PK Subban? Let's embrace the crazy.

Why not?

Anonymous in Sochi: Back in the Closet As the Games Approach

This is a fascinating project

You Can Play and Grantland Look at Sochi Olympics From Unique Perspective

More on the background to the previous link

Breaking Madden: The Super Bowl, in which the machine bleeds to death

Seahawks-Broncos ends in the most horrific way imaginable in this season's finale of Breaking Madden.

For 50,000 at Yankee Stadium, NHL's outdoor games far from out-of-style

People are beginning to fear that the NHL is overdoing it with the outdoor games. A lot of those people probably haven't been to an outdoor game.

Down With Big Birthday

EASY SOLUTION: Don't have shitty kids

On Softness