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Is Colton Orr Better than a Goalie?

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Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In last night's game thread, a comment by ThickSkinnedAlive about how Mike Palmateer has a better career ppg mark than Colton Orr got me thinking; just have many goalies have better career ppg marks than Colton Orr? So I went to, fired up the ol' Google Doc and compiled a list of all goalies with 5 or more point and sorted them by their ppg totals. The goalie with the best career ppg? Darren Pang with an astonishing 0.111 ppg, though in only 81 games played.

But back to Colton Orr, where do his 12g, 12a, and 24pts in 453 games put him among goaltenders? 14th. That's right, 14th. There are 13 goalies in NHL history with better career ppg totals. Even worse? There are three goalies with better career ppgs in MORE GAMES PLAYED than Colton Orr; Grant Fuhr, Ron Hextall, and Tom Barrasso. That's just fucking embarrassing.

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