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JVR, William Nylander, Chris Pronger And His Stupid New Job

Links for Tuesday

Bruce Bennett

Leafs Notebook October 14

One of the best weekly posts about the Leafs. Anthony is generally spot on with his observations or at least explains his thinking clearly.

Which Leafs Player Pulls Their Weight Defensively

There won't be many surprises here unless you're Randy Carlyle

WWL: Scared To Death In The Western Conference

I like Lambert, some of you don't. Read if you want.

Airhook Goal In Europe

This is cool.

Pronger On His New Job

Yahoo! talks to him about this ludicrous situation

Sweet Tattoo On NFLer

Not the craziest place I've seen a team logo tattoo but still cool.

Leafs-Avs Preview

Visit our friends at Mile High Hockey

Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

The win on Broadway unclenched some sphincters

JVR: Big Man, Big Expectations

Lots of weight on his shoulders