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Mike Illitch is a Crook

Morning Links!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports


Measuring the Impact Defense has on Goaltending

Looking at the impact shot distance and volume has on sv%.

Home and Road Effect

Turns out getting favorable matchups is something that can be done on home ice.

Things I Miss About Old Time Hockey

Hats. Chicken wire.

Franklin County not making payments on Blue Jackets arena, because turns out there’s no money, oops
Wonder if David Staples has read this?

Just Jultz Things
Some things are just Jultz things. This is hilarious

Seven Games To Save His Job?
The Oilers play their next seven games at home, is it make it or break it time for Dallas Eakins?

David and Goliath and Burnley
On the Premier League's smallest club and their battle to hold on to their history

Milan Lucic makes jerk off motion, mocks raising Stanley Cup after taking a late game penalty
Should have titled it "Jerk off makes motion of raising Cup"

Brad Marchand spears P.K. Subban in the groin
Bruins up to their usual antics.

TV and Radio Calls Of Travis Ishikawa's Pennant Winning Homer
I don't like Joe Buck but man, he nails the call and the aftermath.

Advanced Stats for Beer League Hockey
Some of these are hilarious

Dissecting Deadspin's Cory Gardner gaffe

Deadspin blew it in a large noticeable way but the guy did tell a made up anecdote and lie about his football days just not as much as was suggested. Don't trust old people, folks.