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[Thursday FTB] Offseason Shmoffseason

Hot links as a part of a complete breakfast

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The Leafs have one more pre-season game to play - Friday night. If you haven't yet, check around the blog for some good discussion before the season gets underway. If those aren't doing it for you, check out these links:

Dion Phaneuf - Leading vs Trailing Part II | Maple Leafs Hotstove
MLHS investigates.

Michael Langlois: It’s time for the Maple Leaf players to be held accountable, too.
Langois doesn't really seem to touch on the idea that the system is either too difficult to execute in the modern NHL or just plain sucks.

Micro stats: Tracking possession using individual events - Eyes On The Prize
"Micro" stats is a dumb name.

The Myth of Cost-Per-Point - Silver Seven
A look at the correlation between spending and winning in the NHL.

KHL's Lokomotiv turns to Dave King again to salvage season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Dave King has been hired by Lokomotiv as head coach for the second time in seven months.

Analyzing Leaf Forward Line Combinations
Some thoughts on line combinations.

Zdeno Chara apparently an NFL quarterback, married to a supermodel | Barry Melrose Rocks
Chara = Brady?

EXCLUSIVE: Kontiola Reports To Marlies, Will Attempt To Earn Leafs Call Up
I'm shocked to learn that he's not the answer

Our buddy Steve started sobbing on the radio about all of the meanies that misunderstood his nice point.

Flyers’ ice girls flip flop a massive insult to female fans
Ed Snider would piss all over this story I bet.

Mirtle: Fighters or finishers? Leafs have one more week to choose their path
If Toronto drops old fighters such as Orr and McLaren it likely signals an overdue evolution of thought

On the Flyers’ Ice Team and the Questions We Need to Ask
We all know why the Flyers are reinstating their old-style ice team, complete with skimpy outfits for the women* and job-appropriate attire for the men. There's little question about that. But there are a few questions we need to ask now.

Flyers' handling of Ice Girls situation leaves more questions than answers

The Flyers got rid of their Ice Girls. Fans booed, and now they're bringing them back. But this whole saga has raised a lot of questions and not many answers.

Progressive Hockey: Guess What? The Pre-Season Doesn't Matter

Nothing too surprising but here's some math to prove it