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Two Days Without a Leafs Game?

This is bullshit.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


LFR8 - Game 6

Dangle's already losing it.

Leafs Prospect Update

The kids bring home their report card. Biggs got an F in hockey.

Some Good Signs or an Early Season Funk?

Why not both?

Game 6 Scoring Chances

Why are hobbyists/bloggers still counting these?

The Oilers' Cap Management Problems
The underlying problem that people don't talk about because the on-ice problems over-shadow it.

NHL Power Rankings: It's Early & Weird
With only a handful of games to go on, the early power rankings look a bit odd.

NHL GameCenter Live Review
WIIM's review of GCL. No mention of it constantly crashing.

What if Gordie Howe Played in Gretzky’s Era?
An interesting exerciseWhat if Gordie Howe Played in Gretzky’s Era?

An interesting exercise

Harry Redknapp calls Adel Taarabt fat, says he can run more than his playmaker
Yes, Adel Taarabt is unprofessional, but didn't Harry Redknapp know that already?

Rangers Analytics Primer
or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ruin My Day Job Productivity. An introduction to #fancystats.

Can we talk? Sports is still a man’s world
Emma Teitel on professional sports’ latest sexist follies

Dave Bolland – A Story of Narratives
Is Toronto Player A better than Bolland?