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Morning Links: Maple Leafs' tickets still expensive, Chara out 4-6 weeks, and Glenn Healy Stinks

A cross section of links from across the NHL

"What do you mean am I human? Of course I am..."
"What do you mean am I human? Of course I am..."
Jen Fuller

Zdeno Chara suffers knee injury, out 4-6 weeks
Well, that's unfortunate for Boston

Maple Leafs, Bruins games most expensive for fans; Panthers cheapest
No surprises here.

Glenn Healy rips Alex Ovechkin and his mother
If we're going to rip on someone's mother for producing a completely uncontrollable son...maybe Glenn's mom should get on the phone

Work on Tim Horton statue begins
HARBORCenter will include a very fancy Tim Horton's restaurant that pays special tribute to one of the most memorable names in hockey.

Connor McDavid power rankings: The vast conspiracy behind Toronto's jersey throwing
The chase for Connor McDavid has turned ugly as a league-wide scandal threatens to derail the modern NHL as we know it.

Underappreciated and unlucky: Lars Eller continues to play well with the deck stacked against him
Lars Eller is always in the crosshairs of criticism, yet most of that has to do with what role he's asked to play, not his actual play.

A Look at the Candian Hockey League Lawsuit
The CHL is under siege

Visualizing Save Percentage Plus: Part Three 2011-2014
Goaltending has not been the problem in Edmonton...