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Dumb Waivers and Dumber Call Ups

Links for your morning

Claus Andersen


Percy Assigned to the Marlies

So Carlyle buried Percy and now so too has Nonis. Just great.

McLaren and Loov Called Up?

Yes if you go by their current active roster.

LFR8 Game 8

Dangle breaks down Saturday's beatdown.

Randy Carlyle - International Man of Mystery

He's mind boggling.

NHL Power Rankings: The East Rises?
The Eastern Conference barges in for the first time since these ratings began two seasons ago.

Sharks go from lowest point of season to highest in span of 24 hours
Blowout San Jose victory culminates in a brawl.

On Glenn Healy and Vitriolic Hockey Media
Glenn Healy's rant earlier this week on Alex Ovechkin crossed a line, and is part of a larger problem within the hockey media.

Thanks for your support. Here's a bunch of fishermen.
What an awful gift

What Early Season Struggles Are The Most Concerning?
While the Rangers were going to struggle without Derek Stepan there should be some concern over the top three defenseman.

Ryan McDonagh made a mistake Subban would be vilified for
Ryan McDonagh gets a lot of praise in National media, but he, like all NHLers, will make a brutal play now and then.

Jack Edwards' best impression ever
Dude looks like Beaker