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[Thursday FTB] No Game, Just Links

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Claus Andersen

The Leafs next play tomorrow night, against the heavily injured Columbus Blue Jackets. But for today, you get to read links.

Oh, Jack Eichel, the places you'll go!
Buccigross with a piece on Jack Eichel.

Kadri, Lupul proving point totals aren’t everything
Should be fun when they start scoring, though.

A few quick Gordie Howe memories
VLM talking about his memories of Gordie Howe - on and off the ice.

Frederik Andersen's New Reservoir Dogs-Themed Mask
It's. Glorious.

John Moore Suspended Five Games
Eligible to return 11/11 against Pittsburgh. I kinda thought it'd be more.

How important is a fast start to the NHL season?
Maybe the adage "wait until Thanksgiving" just hurts teams.

What Did We Do??
Columbus fans are finding a way to cope with the team's injuries.

On the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour
Enough about you, let's talk about us talking about you.