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[Sunday's FTB] Kicking the Phil Kessel Injury Watch Into High Gear

Links, news, and notes from around the league for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Come back soon Phil.
Come back soon Phil.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that Phil Kessel has been pretty healthy as a Leaf (knock on wood) has been an incredible blessing for the Leafs. He's a one-man highlight reel. The fact that he missed Friday's blowout win against the Red Wings with a lower body injury is a source of concern, of course, but since it's the preseason it wasn't quite a DEFCON 1 situation.


No, Phil, you should not look unhappy when speaking with medical personnel. You should look like this:


Happy birthday @phil_kessel_81_

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Can we panic now?

Sunday's Links:

New Leaf Robidas is All About the Details

"He's a hockey player." Interesting praise for Robidas from Carlyle.

Possession and the Preseason- The Leafs Nation

Jeffler gives a rundown of the Leafs' preseason stats. Interesting to see how much Phaneuf's possession numbers fluctuate based on who he is paired with.

Steve Dangle gave an interview with Sports Illustrated about Fancy Stats

"It certainly helped that many of the original ‘fancy stats' people are Oilers fans, because hardship is the birthplace of innovation."

Blackhawks, Bruins, Islanders Solve Problems with Johnny Boychuk, Nick Leddy Deals- Puck Daddy

I hope for their sakes that Grabo likes his new teammates.