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[Thursday FTB] Season Underway, First Loss Out of the Way

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm in love with this picture. One of the brighter sides to losing last night's game is that we won't have to deal with the overinflated expectations that come with a hot start, I suppose. Read last night's recap, talk about the game, then read some links:

Mike Milbury says it’s time to ‘grow up’ and ban fighting (Video)
Mike Milbury replaced by a new electronic panel-bot.

Puck Daddy Power Rankings: Hooray, the NHL is back
Puck Daddy power rankings.

Chris Pronger to work for NHL's department of player safety?
Not sure how Pronger will be able to receive a paycheck from both a team and the league, but Bettman seemed pretty dismissive of the issue.

Making sense of the Richard Panik decision
Someone might get a good player off an easy waiver claim.

Let's Hope Hot Stove Is Hot Air In Jeff Petry's Case - The Copper & Blue
Can I interest you in a nice Tyler Bozak?

Oh Captain My Lack Of A Captain: Thornton, Marleau, Pavelski get 'A's
Problem solved.

Sharks beat Kings despite taking a 3-0 lead
Sharks win game 8 of the quarterfinals.