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[Tuesday's FTB] Quick Links

Just a handful to check out today, after a slow night in NHL action.


Todays' featured article comes from Corsi Hockey League, where hwyatt11 has a look at how the Leafs' goalies have started the season, a brief Polak/Gunnar comparison, a look at the Leafs' PDO, and a nod to how awesome Sidney Crosby is. Defiinitely go give this one a read.

Anyway, on to other links!

Leafs Links:

LFR8 - Game 15 - Good Things Grow - Tor 5, Ott 3
The latest from Dangle at TLN.

Maple Leafs Prospect Update: November 10th, 2014
From Curt Snoddon at MLHS.

Other hockey links:

NHL: 3 stories from Monday night
CBC Sports has a quick rundown of some of the highlights and stories from last night's action.

Rene Bourque clears waivers, what are the Canadiens' options?
Rene Bourque went unclaimed on waivers, which means the Canadiens have a few options they can explore to move him. From Andrew Berkshire at HEOTP.

Slava Voynov skates with Kings, awaits pending charges
Apparently, he is allowed to practice alone with a coach. Tidbit from CBC.

Seth Griffith's backwards, between-the-legs goal is mesmerizing to watch
Video from Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy.