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[Tuesday's FTB] Quick Hits

There is a smattering of articles on different issues after a slow night in NHL action Monday night.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

For your leadoff link today, have a look at hwyatt11's Corsi Hockey League piece that has a few quick hits of statistical facts about the Leafs. He discusses several Leaf defenders, their inability to suppress shots, and Cody Franson's point streak, among other things:

The good news is his point production is almost sure to slow down. He’s currently sporting a 12.41% on-ice shooting percentage at 5v5. That’s top five among defensemen who have played more than 200 minutes thus far. For Franson, catching all the bounces couldn’t come at a better time.

On to the other links!

Leafs Links

We need to talk about Phil Kessel needing to talk
Do we? Does anyone ACTUALLY care? Article from Wysh at PD.

TSN 1050's Interview with Brian Burke
Just some highlights from Matchsticks & Gasoline, but Burke is always worth a listen. He discusses Joe Colborne and Phil Kessel among other things.

Pat Burns rides emotion into Hockey Hall of Fame
His widow Line and his son Jason both spoke at the induction ceremony. From CBC Sports.

Other NHL Links

Possession & Making the Playoffs
Yeah, it's important when considering playoff odds. From hwyatt11 at CHL.

Martin Brodeur still hoping for NHL chance, says 'not about ego or anything'
I know a lot of people are snickering at ol' Marty about this, but I actually believe him, and just kind of feel for the guy. Wouldn't want him playing for the Leafs, though. Article from Nick Cotsonika at PD.