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[Friday FTB] - So that happened - Leafs win!

The Leafs save Randy's butt with a 5-2 win over Tampa.

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Awwwww.... yeah
Awwwww.... yeah
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

So what's the big-buzz this morning about last night's game? The Leafs failed to do a fan salute after the game. Why do they hate the fans and hate our freedom?

On to more important matters. The links:

Roller coaster ride for Leafs continues with win over Lightning
Mirtle reminds you that it's still only November.

Leafs leave embarrasment behind with thorough win
Siegel's wrap-up of last nights game.

Who Is on the NHL Hot Seat?
DGB looks at the candidates to be the first coach fired this season, besides the one we all know and love.

NHL says players in concussion lawsuit should have "put two and two together"
The league thinks players in the 80's should have taken time to read medical journal articles about concussion risks.

Quintal quietly making his mark as NHL’s safety chief
Learn what the NHL's players safety team does all day. (tl;dr - they watch hockey)

Rogers fires back at Bell over sharing GamePlus App. The cat fight between the Leafs' owners over this crappy app continues.

Voynov charged with felony domestic violence
The district attorney's office alleges he "caused his wife to suffer injuries to her eyebrow, cheek and neck" during an argument at their home, several hours after the Kings won an afternoon game.

All Star Game voting is open. Go here and vote for JvR or I'll find you and force feed you spaghetti casserole. Also please vote Reimernier as they could really use a romantic getaway to... Columbus? On second thought, vote for Pavelec.

And now a message from our sponsor.

Without David Clarkson, this team would really stink. We wouldn't have our water bottles in our jeering hockey rink. We wouldn't have bad tattoos, or rippling six-packs . It's not Clarkson's fault that the team collapsed.

Clarkson: if you we're nominated for the All-Star game, he'd vote for you! Paid for by the David Clarkson for All-Star Game All-Star committee.