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[Saturday FTB] - SALUTEGHAZI: The truth is out there

The Leafs play the Wings tonight. But will they give the fans a stick salute?

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Please, Stéphane. I'm a taken man.
Please, Stéphane. I'm a taken man.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

What really happened on the ice at the end of Thursday's game? A Species Investigation

There wasn't much talk about the Leafs yesterday, other than you know what. Here are some links I scrounged up for your Saturday morning.

Via MLHS, two TSN1050 interviews of note from yesterday: Brian Burke and then Brendan Shanahan.

Red Wings enter circus atmosphere in Toronto
What does Babcock think of his future team? "They can flat-out score. They have good players." Hopefully he can do more with them than Randy.

Who is not playing for the Red Wings tonight? Alfie. Because he's retiring. And may we never speak of him again.

Would you like to see Milan Lucic dropped with a single punch to the face? Of course you would.

Los Angeles Kings granted salary cap relief for Voynov
Voynov's suspension will continue indefinitely. Charges were formally laid yesterday.

Shannon Szabados won her first SPHL game last night. She is the first woman to win a game in the league. The Cottonmouths were playing against the "Fire Antz."

Arizona State to launch Division I hockey program
More dividends from the Sunbelt expansion? Hockey is catching on the desert.