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[Monday FTB] Better To Be Lucky Than Good

The Leafs come off a productive weekend. Read some links to celebrate

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs have 3 days off after their win against Detroit. Now that #saluteghazi has been settled, doesn't look like it will be too busy over that time period. On to the links:

Syracuse, Utica get 31k for an AHL game

John Buccigross on ESPNs #NHLRank
The ranking itself is awful.

Knoxville Ice Bears mascot concussed after being shoved down arena stairs by 'fan' | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Don't be a dick to mascots

The Edmonton Oilers 2014-15 Season Is Over - Last Word On Sports
Good times in Edmonton

Oilers get demolished by Blackhawks | SCH
Chicago kept the offense rolling as they dominated a struggling Oilers team from start to finish.

Maple Leafs Performance Relative to Past| Maple Leafs Hotstove
David Johnson takes a look at the Leafs, a quarter way into the season

David Perron on Trade Block | Copper & Blue
Dreger says the Oilers are trying to move Perron

Roman Polak injury leaves hole on Leafs’ blue line | Toronto Star
Looks like either Percy or Holzer are coming up

Gordie Howe shows small improvement, family says
Always good to hear