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Leafs Topple Caps 6-2

The Leafs continued their run of strong games with a 6-2 win over the Washington Capitals.

This photo makes me laugh.
This photo makes me laugh.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs saw goalie after goalie after goalie last night, as they beat the Caps 6-2 at home. Tyler Bozak with two, Morgan Rielly, David Clarkson (!), Cody Franson, and Joffrey Lupul with one a piece. If you missed any of the goals, catch the game in six:

Some thoughts about last night's game:

The most noticeable thing all game to me: the Leafs had time and space with which to work. They weren't getting stopped at the opposition blue line much, and they had room in the offensive zone to move the puck and get chances.

Morgan Rielly's goal - which took some fortunate bounces - came after Nazem Kadri took the hit to make the play. Reminds me of his assist on a Komarov goal a few games back, where he took a hit against the board but got the puck away. He sure makes passing under pressure look easy.

Speaking of Kadri, he got an interesting new look on the power play last night - Dion Phaneuf was the only d-man, playing high in the zone (which isn't unusual), but rather than another d-man, Kadri was running the right side half-boards. The opening shift for this PP unit didn't look too great, but through the game I thought they got a little better, but it's a great compliment to Phil Kessel, and makes both sides of the Leafs' power play more threatening. This was an on-and-off thing last game, but I'd like to see them play with it a bit more.

Bozak did a great job of making himself open through the game, especially on his second goal. I do think his production is heavily influenced by his power play time (and would like to see him score more at even strength, especially away from Kessel), but it's good to see him getting to the right spot in the offensive zone.

Jonathan Bernier looked good early, but I think may have sat back a bit late - Tom Wilson's short side goal was uuuuugly. But who cares when it's 5-1?* (I suppose the guys paid millions of dollars to care at all game states, but as a fan? Fine by me.)

The Caps' power play put up a goal when Brouwer was left a little too open in the slot. At least Franson does a nice job not to screen Bernier, but someone should be watching the man in that high scoring area.

Anyways, it'd be nice if they all came that easy. They don't, though, and the next game will be the Leafs hosting Jamie Benn and the Dallas Stars on Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST.


*Comment does not apply when it's 4-1.