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[Tuesday's FTB] On To Arizona!

I still forget they're no longer the Phoenix Coyotes.

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs are set to face the Aizona Coyotes tonight, and here is an interview with Randy Carlyle heading into the game:

Leafs Links

Maple Leafs-Coyotes Preview
I don't know why I'm linking a preview from FOX, but here we are.

Stuart Percy Called Up To Leafs
Oh yeah, he's back again. Story from Jeffler at TLN.

Carlyle gets full marks during Leafs hot streak
The team's possession numbers are indeed much improved, and the goons are gone. Carlyle still does certain things that make me crazy, but I think he's due some credit for having changed his style.

Other Links

Mirtle: Why NHL teams should never play a tired goalie
The latest from James Mirtle also mentions that the NHL is (finally) considering adding advanced stats to its own site.

Vladimir Tarasenko makes Rangers look silly for fantastic goal (Video)
Yeah, that's pretty nice. From Sean Leahy at PD.

Breaking News: Goalie in Islanders System Prevents Opponent from Scoring
Unorthodox strategy, but I guess it paid off. A 1-on-0 is better than a 2-on-0. Story and link to video from Dan Saraceni at Lighthouse Hockey.

Down Goes Brown: Weekend wrap: The curse of November 1
I guess that would put the Leafs about where we'd have expected: on the bubble in a weak East.

Taylor Hall placed on injured reserve by Oilers

He's out for 2-4 weeks with a knee sprain. Story from the Canadian Press via CBC.