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[Saturday FTB] - Return of the Red Wings

The Red Wings are coming to Toronto... for revenge!

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The elite air force of Baron is no match for a monk of Fabul!
The elite air force of Baron is no match for a monk of Fabul!
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While he claims he just found them on the ice after the game, James Reimer kind of actually stole two points from the Red Wings on Thursday. They are coming to the ACC tonight to take them back.

Will James Reimer get tonight's start, despite a possible groin tweak?
Carlyle is being coy about who will start, but James did appear to tweak his groin a bit at the end of practice.

Did you check out Snizzbone's sweet goal? PPP posted a Fanshot of it yesterday which he sourced from friends on Twitter. Sportsnet also discovered this goal about one hour later, and note its his best goal of the year, though I recall several that were more impressive, like this one. PPP Action News: first on Snizzbone goals.

30 Thoughts: 'Babwatch' reaching new heights
ICYMI: I didn't see this in yesterday's FTB

LOLOILERS UPDATE: Viktor Fasth has meltdown on the bench
Fasth lets his teammates have it after he was pulled from Friday night's home loss. Clearly the three goals he let in on twelve shots, including two in the same minute, were his teammates fault. The Oilers have now lost 14 of the past 15.

The Winnipeg Jets have become a top possession team
An interesting in-depth analysis of the team using score-adjusted corsi.

Gordie Howe reportedly ‘getting better'
The hockey legend is apparently improving after suffering a setback in his recovery from a series of strokes

World Juniors!!!!

As I passed the Master Card Centre on the train yesterday I noticed there were satellite trucks parked outside. I briefly wondered if the Leafs had made a major trade, or had a management shakeup. Then I saw the parking lot held an enormous fleet of brand new black Chevy Suburbans, obviously used to ferry VIPs to the rink from their downtown hotels, and I clued in that it was the first day of selection camp for the WJHC, something we in this country feel is necessary to cover on TV live.

At the time this post was written, the first preliminary round game begins in about 316 hours. However that's Russia vs. Denmark, so no one cares. The tournament really starts 8 hours later, when our national under-20 heroes, and future Edmonton Oilers' draft picks, defeat Slovakia in a game at 8PM.

As you can imagine, Bob McKenzie and the TSN crew are already in a hyper-frenzy of hockeygasmic narratives and commentary.

Starting goaltender job up for grabs
What's the prize for winning the starter spot? Take the gold medal home and you have enough "World Junior champion pedigree" to convince Craig McTavish to sign you to a $6 for 6 contract as soon as your ELC is over. Don't get a gold medal and your can play backup for the Oklahoma City Barons.

Status of phenom McDavid a question mark
TSN is considering creating a special Twitter feed that will solely provide updates on McDavid's status every 5 minutes.