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Game Preview: Kings @ Maple Leafs

The Kings come to town for a...5:00 game? What the hell?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

As Joe Bowen said last night on the radio broadcast on TSN1050 "Due to the new rulers of hockey broadcasting, the Leafs play a game at 5:00 tomorrow, for some reason"

I agree Joe, but it's Rogers Hometown Hockey (TM) day and the featured game is Calgary at Chicago...for some reason. But hey it's a wonderful program and we should all watch. Yes, I'm just saying this because they gave me a bunch of free shit this weekend. I'll get to personally thank Josh Gorges for not coming to Toronto.

Watch The Game
Sportsnet Ontario

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Sportsnet 590, The Fan

LA Kings on SBNation
Jewels From the Crown
Battle of California

Anyway, on to todays game. The Maple Leafs are ending a week where they beat the Flames, then beat Detroit two games in a row. Combined scores were 10-3 for the Leafs, which is not too shabby.  The Kings this week were shutout by BuffaLOL, beat the Senators (yay!) and were just kicked all up and down the rink by the Habs 6-2 (from the blah blah on twitter it seems the Habs should not have won the game, but they did so eat it math). I don't care for playing a team that was beaten that bad, they'll be playing for pride, and since the Leafs are playing their SECOND back to back this weekend (again, what the hell?) and this game starting less than 24 hours after last nights, I'm not thinking this will be pretty.

Leafs won't have a morning skate, so we can assume the lines will be similar to last night, and can also assume Reimer will be starting.

Assuming I'm home to update from the Kings morning skate, the lines will be below, otherwise, google it.

This will be a tough one for the Leafs, given the tight turnaround and shitty schedule this week, but as I always do, I put my faith in the boys in blue, and the Leafs will take this one too.