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World Juniors, Eakins Fired, And More

Links to get the day going

"You gonna eat that?"
"You gonna eat that?"
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Mailbag: Postman Justin
You had questions, there are answers

Detroit Red Wings State of Affairs: Five Pleasant and Disappointing Trends So Far
Sixth Woe: Lost the season series to the Leafs

Teens Play Mega Man, Suck At Mega Man
"Everything hurts me". Pretty much.

Leafs at the World Juniors: Dion Phaneuf, 2004 & 2005
The birth of the double Dion

Eakins Out. MacTavish In. Nelson Coming Soon.
We finally know what it takes for a coach to be fired, 15 losses in 16 games.

Ducks Gameday: What Canadians Like
A slice of Canadiana before tonight's Ducks @ Maple Leafs game.

Dallas Eakins wasn't Edmonton's sole problem, but he was one of them
Bourne with some thoughts

Listen to amazing NHL mumps song, to tune of Taylor Swift (Video)
From Yahoo Sports: Tally Deushane, the ukulele-strumming songstress behind the classic "Puck Bunnies" song, is back with "Mumps Face," the hilarious take-off on Taylor Swift’s "Blank Space."