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Grapes, Kadri, The Oilers Stink, Terry Crews Is Great, and More!

Morning links from the sports world

He literally can't win
He literally can't win
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Tobias Reider Scores Two Shorties In 58 Seconds
Just buckets of salt into the Oilers' wounds

Ed Snider Disses Team
Of course it's not the cap problems Eddie.

Tampa Exploits The Homeless
Jesus H. Christ

Terry Crews: Modern Day Masculinity Can Be as Damaging as the Taliban
Some great quotes

Peter King Is A Goddamn Embarrassment

Couldn't have been a bigger puppet if he had Goodell's hand up his ass

St. Louis Rams Call St. Louis Police Liars

Oh boyReport: Deceased Ohio State Football Player's Brain Will Be Examined

Sad story about a young player that committed suicide

The reaction to the Rams' Ferguson gesture was ugly

Jeff Roorda is angry and making threatsTeam Canada's 2015 World Junior Championship selection camp roster released

Hockey Canada has released their roster for the evaluation camp for the upcoming World Juniors, from which they will choose their final team in the next couple of weeks.

Blockbuster Deal May Be Answer For Inconsistent Leafs

A trade proposal FanPost. You can write these too

The 'snub' and the failure of leadership

A FanPost which is something any of you can write

Radical NHL expansion & realignment + contracted regular season schedule

Radical doesn't begin to describe this plan

Lessons from Bill James and MGL

If you're into stats, Tango Tiger's been a hub of activity lately

Oilers Coaching & Front Office Turnover Since 2006

Sorting through the wreckage of the last 9 years

Tambellini Casts a Long Shadow

Tobias Rieder scores two short handed goals as the Coyotes beat the Oilers 5-2

Don Cherry on Toronto Maple Leafs’ Nazem Kadri: ‘Just shut your mouth and play hockey’

But don't be too quiet or you'll get ripped for that too

The Writing Of Janay Rice's SI Story

Richard Deitsch speaks with Jemele Hill about how she put the piece together