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Sad Sack Oilers, Top 10 Shootout Goals, Blackface, and more

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This must have felt great
This must have felt great
Chris LaFrance-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to know what to expect from Edmonton. When MacTavish was hired I expected quite a bit of good would be on its way. He's always struck me as smart hockey mind and I thought that might see some of the biggest mistakes of the Tambellini Era - leaving gaping holes in the lineup - but he hasn't been the brush of fresh air I thought might turn the ship in Edmonton. When they hired friend of the blog Tyler Dellow to work with Dallas Eakins I thought there might be some structural changes. You can quibble over whether the underlying numbers have improved or if they've suffered from bad luck but the process in the executive suite on down hasn't improved nearly the required amount. They're in the depths of an awful streak and don't seem to be on their way anywhere.

Sesame Street Makes an Appearance at Rexall
Oilers blow a 5-2 lead and lose in the shootout to the Stars

White actor uses blackface to portray P.K. Subban in Montreal play
Enough is enough with this stuff, ignorance is no longer an excuse in 2014, Quebeckers should know this is offensive.

The St. Louis Blues are a Garbage Heap of Sadness
What a big bunch of losers

Ducks Gameday: 11 Best Christmas Movies
With Christmas just around the corner, let's look at some of the best holiday movies

All I want for Christmas is to change my PSN name
An open letter requesting some assistance from the Sony corporation.

Game 34 Scoring Chances: Blackhawks 4 vs. Maple Leafs 0
Tough go this year

World Juniors 2015: Denmark team preview
Denmark enters their third WJC looking to make history with their first ever win

World Juniors 2015 Canada vs Sweden recap: Canada's stars lead the way to victory
It was only pre-tournament action, but Canada looked great against Sweden.

Raptors Fans Went To Detroit And Took This Awesome Photo

Should Matt Bartkowski earn suspension for hit on Brian Gionta?
What a brutal hit. Not sure it's suspendable but that's a throwback hit

Top 10 shootout goals of 2014
Number 10 is freaking hilarious

NHL has warned 22 players for diving in 2014-15
Can't wait until the list gets published and has about a million Habs on it