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Game Preview - Toronto Maple Leafs @ Dallas Stars

Game #2 of the World Jrs road trip takes us to Dallas, featuring the league leading goal scorer, and a favourite "what if?" of Leafs fans, Tyler Seguin.

Nice Try, that won't stop Phil
Nice Try, that won't stop Phil
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

TEXAS! Land of the longhorn steer, high school football, oil, tex-mex cuisine, and our next opponent, the Dallas Stars. The Leafs are still on the road, giving up their rink to William Nylander and a bunch of other kids, and after a 4-0 shutout by Chicago, they arrive in the heart of the biggest state* to stem this pesky losing streak., annnnd maybe not be outscored 3:1 as they're averaging this batch of losses.

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Tyler Seguin leads the Stars in Goals and Points, James Neal leads in Assists and we should see Kari Lehtonen in net for the Stars.  Our Leafs looked like this in their early skate:

Robidas is in for Holzer, Bernier Starts.

The game is at 6PM local time in Dallas, because we demand a 7PM game here in Toronto and when it comes to the NHL, what Rogers wants, Rogers gets.

Normally I'd make fun of the opponents sweaters, but I must say, the Stars are looking pretty sharp lately. Going back to green was a huge leap forward for them after regressing hard in the jersey department, as I said about the Ducks, wordmarks suck.

Now I'm off to watch a buttload of Friday Night Lights to get  into the mood.

*Alaska doesn't count as it's one of the freak states