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[NYE FTB] It Was 1-4

Pour the champagne and reflect on a year of the Leafs

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

As I rolled off the couch to put in some moderate effort for this FTB, I realized that I have the honour of writing the New Year's Eve FTB. The last Pension Plan Puppets FTB of 2014. The one that reflects on an entire year of Leafs.

I felt unprepared. There are many parts of this year that I do my best to forget-and thinking about 2014 is sure to dredge up some memories that are best left behind. I poured some wine. You may want to do the same, since reflecting on this year as a Leafs fan is easier that way.

If I had to describe the year of 2014 as a Leafs fan, I would say it was like a vomit-inducing rollercoaster that I know I waited in line for, but at many points I really wasn't sure why.

I mean, there were definitely good times. There was the Winter Classic, which was one of the best experiences of my life despite the fact that I couldn't feel my feet for most of it. I'll never forget the gold medal women's hockey game, or ordering a beer at 7 a.m. in Toronto (thank you to Toronto City Council for changing laws for the day!) to watch the Canadian men win gold a few days later. There was an extensive naive period where I believed that any day now, the Leafs would announce that Randy Carlyle had been fired. Those were the good times.

There were also bad times. As in, wondering "is this the worst it's ever been?" bad.

What were your highlights? Your lowlights? Your favourite stories of 2014?

Have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve, PPP. I have enjoyed my brief time with you all this year, and I look forward to a wonderful 2015. My New Year's resolution is to post more Phil Kessel gifs.

Booze-fueled, incoherent, rage-filled ramblings are more than welcome in the comments.

Maple Leafs talk healthy eating and "junk food" --Toronto Star

Apparently Naz considers himself to be "more of a fruit guy than vegetable."

#MyColumn, December 30th--Bobby Cappuccino

Bobby reveals that it's actually his fault that the Leafs aren't doing so hot. Maybe your resolution for this year should be to keep up with #MyColumn more regularly?

Snizzbone is making heads turn at the WFJC--National Post

I've been loving the "Go Leafs Go" chants for Nylander at the ACC.

Canada trying to downplay hype surrounding match-up against USA --National Post

Good luck. I would also like to shamelessly use this as a platform to say that I think that Jack Eichel has terrible taste in footwear.

No bitterness for fired Peter DeBoer--ESPN

His first interview since getting the axe from the Devils.

Jamie Benn gives stick to fan, then tweets that he wants it back--Defending Big D

I would have tried to get a date with him in exchange for the hockey stick, too.

*All of the credit for the headline goes to @mforbes37. I am indebted to your genius.