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[Saturday FTB] - Guess who's coming to dinner

The Canucks make their annual pilgrimage to play in the centre of the hockey universe.

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A lot of people are going to think we are a shocking pair.
A lot of people are going to think we are a shocking pair.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

What's wrong with the Leafs top line? It's been quite the topic of discussion since Randy commented on it Thursday night.  Here is Siegel's take, and here is Mirtle's.

Booth isn’t freaked out about fluke injury, one-year Leafs contract.
Booth plays against his ex-team tonight for the first time.

Sinking loonie could mean big salary-cap problems for some NHL teams
It's that wonderful time of year when we have to find reasons to panic about the salary cap not rising! I say just pay the players in $5,000 cheques made out to 'cash'.

Hello Miami, NHL History in the Making
Attendance in Florida continues to be bad, very bad, and worse, no one is watching the Panthers on TV either.

Wings' hot start could keep Babcock in Detroit
The Red Wings are back in the Babcock sweepstakes, at least according to this pontificating old poop.

Bulldogs honour Cirillo, soldiers
This just happened last night at the Bulldogs/Marlies game. I can't much coverage of it yet, beyond this report from the local TV news station. Marcus, Nathan Cirillo's very young son, dropped the puck at the ceremonial face-off.

Roy pulls goalie with 13 minutes left in period [Video only]
Down by four goals with 5 Jets in the penalty box (comically, they barely fit inside) and only 13 minutes left, Roy decides why not go for a 6 on 3? All hell done break lose when this decision almost fails spectacularly.

Now when the hell are we gonna get some dinner!