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[Tuesday FTB] Welcome Back Burke ('s Hair)

A lovely list of links to start off your Tuesday

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

I just think that we need to continue talking about this.

You know what will really amp you up for tonight's game? Pictures of some classic Brian Burke hairstyles.

Maple Leafs Highlight NHL's Overrated Players-Stephen Burtch

A good explanation of hot and cold streaks

The Defensive Woes of the Leafs Top Line-Corsi Hockey League

Their two-way game isn't spectacular.

Red Wings becoming more confident Mike Babcock will sign an extension eventually

It looks like the Leafs' grand plan to snare Mike "McGill Tie" Babcock might be in jeopardy.

Prospective Las Vegas Team  owner gets green light for season-ticket drive-The Score

"Please do not make more of it," Bettman begged.

DGB Weekend Wrap-Grantland via Down Goes Brown

He doesn't seem to enjoy seeing Brodeur in a Blues sweater.

The Sharks are rapping about holiday sweaters

I felt equal amounts of embarrassment and delight while watching this video. Also, I want all of their sweaters. Also, these guys have nothing on Phil Kesself (a nickname courtesy of @thejustinfisher).

Senators Fire Paul MacLean-Silver Seven

A blow to moustache-lovers everywhere.