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[Weekend LL] Miller, Halak Kick Off The Trade Season

Laying down on the job? The Sabres need YOU.
Laying down on the job? The Sabres need YOU.
Jen Fuller

There's about one hundred hours between now and the trade deadline, but the season is officially open as Big Name Ryan Miller and Little Name Steve Ott head to St. Louis in exchange for Halak, Stewart, and some futures (reaction posts are in the links). Girardi extended, which probably would have ended in a trade if negotiations hadn't worked out. Here's hoping for some other interesting moves over the next few days, and remember: TSN says "Leafs" because it draws hits - be skeptical of rumors.

The Leafs are expected to face Budaj and the Montreal Canadiens tonight, as Price continues to sit out following a post-Olympic practice injury. The Habs have one OTL and one win over Detroit and Pittsburgh respectively since that injury, but the longer Price sits out, the better chance the Leafs have in the standings (obviously). Have some links to get you through the weekend:

Miller and Ott traded for Halak, Stewart, Carrier, and Picks

Stop by Die by the Blade to laugh at people who expected more out of someone who was going to walk for nothing.

Then head to St. Louis Gametime for some actual analysis.

It has pretty graphs and everything.

Dan Girardi Signs Extension, 5.5 AAV 6 YRS

And what it means for the Rangers.

Does Minnesota Need Another Goalie?

I thought Minnesota would go in hard on Miller, since Chuck spent last offseason about how much he loved having two good goalies and right now they're on their third stringer. Sounds like they're kicking the tires at least.

Benefit Held in Which a Four Year Old Witnesses Toews Smiling

If Toews is so good, why does that four year old beat him for the face-off?

Every Team's Most Underrated Player

Blue and White Brotherhood breaks it down.

Latvian Team May Be Disqualified After Second Doping Violation


Hockey East's Women's Playoffs Start Today

You followed along for the Olympics, now watch Poulin's Terriers play for a national title. Cheering for BC will not be tolerated on this blog.