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Contest: Points on the California Road Trip

How many points will the Leafs pick up in the next three games?

Claus Andersen

The Leafs play the Ducks in Anaheim tonight, the Sharks in San Jose tomorrow night and the Kings in LA on Thursday.

That's three games in four days against three of the best teams in the NHL. We'd like to know how many points youthink the Leafs will get out of these three games.

Tiebreaker: how many total shots will the Leafs allow in these three games?

After you vote post your guess in the comments. I'll make PPP mail whoever's right and gets the tiebreaker something.

Standard Price is Right rules if a bunch of people are tied with the tiebreaker I'll draw a name out of a hat, we're not giving away a house or a car so be cool, it's just for fun.