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[Thursday Leafs Links] Bring On The Kings

Hold on to your hats.

Claus Andersen

Whatever Works

Hope In The Big Smoke is trying to move past frustration.

The Leafs Organization vs. Head Injuries

From Jeffler at TLN.

Danish players fired from their team after game fixing scandal

The play in 'Metal Ligaen'. That's right, Metal League. Long, blonde power metal locks for all! Seriously, how sweet would that be? To have a viking metal league? "Kiril didn't drink all of his bowl of blood before the game! Not a team player. Now he must play 'Aces High' until he drops dead. COME ON GUYS, LET'S PILLAGE!"

Vintage Leafs (That's the photo collection website)

They've got some relatively new ones. Go browse around.

Vintage Leaf Memories Podcast

Different site, same name.

NHL Salary Cap Draft Combine discussed at GM meetings

From Elliotte Friedman