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Here's the Truck. There's the Cliff.

Things are getting dicey in Leafsville


Steve Dangle Podcast: Intangibles

Probably the best Pixar movie.

In Defense of David Clarkson

Dellow with some evidence that Clarkson, like most other Leafs, are being severely hampered by Carlyle.

LFR7 Game 72


Fighting Over the Field of Dreams
A quarter century ago, in rural Iowa, a Hollywood crew built a temporary baseball diamond for a now-classic movie. Maintained as a tourist attraction since, the field has recently been sold, and a developer’s new plans for it are dividing some of the community’s landowners. Which raises a curious question: Should the field's fake authenticity be preserved?

NHL Playoff Death Watch: Red Wings leap over Leafs; Panthers eliminated
Well, this is getting dicey

What We Learned: In which the Edmomton Oilers bottom out
There's always further to fall

In Defence of David Clarkson
I know, stunning. Give it a read.

James Reimer is either starting on Tuesday night, or becoming the Leafs’ official scapegoat
Why isn't Carlyle propping up Reimer like he has Clarkson so often this season?

Theoretical Predictions in Machine Learning for the NHL: Part II
How much of hockey can we predict?