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[Thursday's Leafs Links] Scoreboard Watching

Yes, it's that time of year again.

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A brief defence of Dion Phaneuf

The latest from Dellow.

Lofty expectations see Phaneuf under fire

From Mirtle.

Leafs' collapse should bring tough questions

Actually, I think these questions should have been brought forth much earlier. A 6-game losign steak isn't enough to fire a coach, but a larger pattern of ineptitude sure is. Title notwithstanding, this is a good article from Mirtle.

G&M Podcast

Lots of discussion on the Leafs.

Oh, the humanity!

Jim Lang compares this Leafs' season to the Hindenburg.

Wayback Wednesday: McCabe doesn't suck

Something about Jeffler being featured in a newspaper.

A frustrated rant and questions

From the Blue and White Brotherhood.

Patrick Sharpe photobombs newlyweds

Listen, I love hockey, but I think it's really strange to go to a hokey game for your honeymoon or photo shoot.

Justin Shultz and young defencemen

Another one from Dellow.