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Anonymity, History, Laughing At United, and More

Links for your Saturday afternoon

When does the Mimico effect come into play?
When does the Mimico effect come into play?
Rich Schultz

Anonymity, Blogs, and Credibility
Not a new debate but maybe some new thoughts

Being black in the NHL: From breaking the colour barrier to the Norris trophy
While this may seem like an odd topic for a white kid from Ontario to write about, it is a topic I feel needs to be explored. So let's take a look at the history of black players in pro hockey, and how things are now.

Rio Ferdinand afraid to leave home due to 'embarrassing' Manchester United
The Leafs should feel this embarrassed to leave their homes

Check out the terrible paper that earned a player an A- at North Carolina

Raging against unpaid internships from The Walrus to MLSE
The Ontario Ministry of Labour said The Walrus and Toronto Life need pay their interns while George Brown College promotes unpaid internships from MLSE.

Roddy White Honours His Word
And does even better than promised

The Cold Never Bothered Him Anyway
A profile of Mike Keenan by the great Katie Baker

Johnny Manziel pro day: A contagious ridiculousness
The sports world held still on Thursday, as Manziel threw footballs while being chased by a grown man carrying a broom. The surreal experience that was "Johnny Day," quickly evolved from a job interview to the biggest weekday party in recent memory.

Some Guy Dressed His Cat Up Like Bane From Batman, And It's Purrfectly Evil
Every cat is Bane, really. This owner was just the first brave soul to point it out!..

Q&A: Leafs fan Bowe on Carlyle, Nonis, Gretzky
Thats whats up

blogliotheque: A Paragraph On Chris Jones
Pretty good here

Mike Trout, King of Trade Value Now and Forever
Looks like he took enough money to be happy. It's a lot but there was a lot left on the table.

David Moyes: Is Manchester United’s new manager to blame for the club’s collapse? Or is it all Sir Alex Ferguson’s fault?
Let's all laugh at United.

Three goals, 10 seconds: Fastest hockey hat trick ever, scored by 8 year old?
From Yahoo Sports: Brayden MacIntosh of Hanover, Ont., scored three goals in 10 seconds this week in a WOAA championship tournament final against the Goderich Sailors.