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Leafs Can't Lose Tonight

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Where's all that supposed heart at?

LFR7 - Game 76

I think Dangle is broken.

Five Stages of TML Denial

There aren't five stages of denial. Denial is one of the five stages of grief. Ok and then you have denial as one of the five stages of itself which doesn't work. Just, ugh.

Steve Dangle Podcast - Sitting Duck

Discussing the Leafs' struggles.

Nail, Meet Coffin

And Randy Carlyle is swinging the hammer.

Not Buying the Time Leiweke Maple Leafs Savoir Hype

Aww but he's got the parade mapped out and everything.

What's Wrong with the Leafs?


Marlies Score 6 in Win Over Abbotsford

At least one hockey team in Toronto is winning.