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Tuesday's Leafs Links: Busy Days

There was plenty of action yesterday, from signings, waived players, and loads of trade rumours.

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Stick to your strengths

Hope In The Big Smoke makes a great point about Jonathan Bernier and his puckhandling ability.

Frazer McLaren placed on waivers

I know, I know, it's still difficult to believe. He'll probably be back soon enough, and there's no way to explain why McLaren got demoted over Orr, but we'll take it.

Columbus burns Leafs for season sweep

Recap and reaction from The Cannon.


The recap from Jeff Veillette at TLN.

Leafs playoff position takes another hit

Recap and nail biting courtesy of James Mirtle.

With blockbuster trade unlikely, can the current Leafs roster find their (or any) defensive game?

Jeff Blair asks a really tough question. I guess a lot of us here feel that it's possible - with different coaching.

Orlov suspended two games - NHL video

He could easily have had more. First time offender, blah blah blah.

The Lafontaine plot thickens

Wow, does it ever. I wonder what the deal is. From DBTB.

Oilers sign Ben Scrivens

The deal is for two years at $2.3M per season. This is a great signing for the Oilers, and I'll be cheering for Scrivens even if the Oilers will still be terrible. Article from Copper 'N Blue.

5 ways to fit in with a new team after a trade

From Justin Bourne at BHS.

University of Ottawa hockey team suspended for alleged sexual assault

This kind of thing makes my stomach churn.