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Trade Deadline Madness

Justin K. Aller

Awwww shit it's about to go down! It's the mother f***ing trade deadline ya'll. Let's do this shit.

My list of Leaf's potentially on their way out:

  1. Kulemin
  2. Holland
  3. Kadri
  4. Reimer
  5. Gardiner
  6. Your mom

Links and shit



Dos and Don'ts of the NHL Trade Deadline

Don't take the day off of work you dork.

To Beat St. Louis You're Going to Have to Score

Good luck with that.

Where the IIHF is Wrong

It's not the IIHF's fault that North America doesn't take the WC seriously.

LFR7 Game 63

Dangle talks the Blue Jackets loss.

Also Luongo got traded and so did some other less important people.