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[Thursday LL] Deadline Fallout

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I love so many things about this picture.
I love so many things about this picture.
Bruce Bennett

What. a. trade. deadline. St. Louis to the Rangers, Gaborik to Columbus, Vanek to Montreal, Moulson to Minnesota, Halak to Washington (on a night Holtby was chased from the net), and "goalies everywhere." I was talking on twitter about some icons that got traded. Legwand, the franchise's first entry draft pick, has more games played in a Predators jersey than any other player - now he's a member of the Red Wings, a division rival up until last year. In under a calendar year, the Lightning have lost both of their franchise GP leaders - to a contract snafu and a trade demand.

LL Discussion Thought: St. Louis is being portrayed as a baby for wanting out of Tampa. When does a player earn a trade demand? A certain GP? Just by not being an "enigmatic" European? Never?


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Pronman takes a look at the Leafs and their "luck."

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Mirtle's take on the Flortheast's trade deadline.

Tim Bozon listed in critical condition - Eyes On The Prize
Crazy story about Habs prospect Tim Bozon broke yesterday - he has Neisseria Meningitis, and was listed in critical condition.

Martin St. Louis leaves Lightning farewell letter: ‘All I can really say is that I am sorry’
It's a shame he declined to discuss why he left - it'd be interesting to hear his thought process beyond "snub = leave" but always nice to see someone think of the fans eventually.

So Long Ales, We're Sorry It Doesn't Hurt More
Zona's first paragraph is perfect.

David Legwand's Greatest Hits - Crowdsourced Edition
Preds fans are gathered here to mourn the loss of David Legwand.