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[LL] It's Game Day, And the Playoff Race is On

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

As Chemmy pointed out yesterday, the Leafs can't drag their feet on any of these upcoming games, especially not tonight against the Flyers - they call it Death March for a reason (although to be honest, "they" don't call it that - we do). Dion took the ice in this morning's optional skate, and is expected to play tonight, despite dealing with what Carlyle claimed were "bumps and bruises." He'll play an important role in shutting down Giroux and Schenn - haha, no, the good one. Bernier is expected to get the start, since he wasn't on-ice for the optional, and Clarkson - surprise! - may be nursing some sort of leg injury. Both of those could be key to a win tonight.

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