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[Weekend LL] The Five Stages of Hiring Randy Carlyle

Randy's floating head haunts your nightmares.
Randy's floating head haunts your nightmares.
Richard Wolowicz

1. Denial: "He's going to fix their conditioning! And bring us defensively responsible hockey!"

2. Anger: "What is this shit?"

3. Bargaining: "Well, at least if we're going to miss the playoffs spectacularly, Randy will get fired."

4. Depression: "Why are they wasting a whole other season to figure out what we already know about Carlyle?"

5. Acceptance: "Fuck it, dude, let's watch bowling."

Montreal-Boston at 7 tonight, then Anaheim and LA starting at 9:30.

There's a ton of good content on the front page:

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I'll post some external links in the morning when I get up.