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[Thursday's Leafs Links] Lots To Discuss

Today's links feature coaching changes, playoff eliminations, the Marlies, and expansion teams.

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Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Shanahan is a fan of Phaneuf

James Mirtle with the story.

Highlights of the Habs beating the B's and the Kings beating the Ducks

Video from CBC.

Marlies win in OT, take 3-0 series lead

Man, the kids just won't quit.

Leo Komarov to explore NHL options

It's hard not to like Leo Komarov, even if he never scores.

Pens' ownership supports firing Bylsma; undecided on Shero

The worst part is that they are supposedly looking for a 'gritty' and 'defensive' coach. THIS WAS THE LEAFS' CHANCE TO HAVE CARLYLE HIRED AWAY BY SOMEONE IN THEIR CONFERENCE. GAH.

Bettman meets with Seattle mayor

Sure looks like Seattle and Quebec City are the front-runners for expansion teams. Sounds awesome. The link is in French, but you can translate it.

Canadiens still don't deserve your respect

Shyeah, they don't.

Doug Wilson and Todd McLellan to stay on in San Jose

Probably the right move.

Does Corsi Change With Age?

Seems like on obvious question, but it's always worth being certain.