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[Tuesday's Leafs Links] Texas Topples Toronto

The series is knotted at 1 game apiece heading back to Toronto.

Claus Andersen

Texas Topples Marlies

GI6 and a recap from the Leafs' website.

Evaluating defencemen with Corsi Rel

Tyler Dellow's latest piece refers to the one I've linked below on Stralman.

Anton Stralman, secret star

This article is a couple days old, but I'm linking it anyway, because I've always liked Stralman and felt that he never got the credit he deserved here in Toronto. While never a huge point producer, he's always been a good skater with a good first pass.

Giguere to retire

His time in Toronto notwithstanding, he's had a great career.

Caps hire Trotz as their coach, promote MacLellan to GM

Story from the Associated Press via CBC.

Kings beat Hawks, lead series 3-1

Recap and highlights from CBC.

Recap from the Hawks' perspective

From Second City Hockey.

Bibeau and Finn recognized

Bibeau named best goalie of the tourney, and both players were named to some version of an All-Star team.

Justin's Draft Book

Didn't link this one yesterday so I'm throwing it in. You can download an Excel file of every player ever drafted. Our very own daoust had a list like this a while back, but I'm not sure if it's still around or updated.