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[Weekend LL] Round Two: Less Hockey

Phil Kessel scorin' goals.
Phil Kessel scorin' goals.

So disappointed to see there's a game on at 12:30 and a game on at 8:30 - then I remembered that the playoffs is basically a way to wean me off an addiction so I can try to survive the offseason. The Rangers and the Hawks took game one leads last night. Here are some links to get you through the hockey-free periods of your day:

All Of Phil Kessel’s 37 Goals – 2013/2014 | Toronto Maple Leafs
Bookmarked for life.

Series Recap: Marlies vs. Admirals | The Blue and White Brotherhood
A recap for the Marlies' sweep of the Milwaukee Admirals

If You Could Turn Back Time... - The Copper & Blue
Raycroft for Rask. Easy.

Sharks can't afford overreaction to worst loss in franchise history - Fear The Fin
It's a shame if they don't, though, because it's always funny when NHL teams do exactly that.

Abbotsford Heat season, franchise finished - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Do you remember the Abbotsford Heat?

After the DZ Draw Is Won, 2013-14 |
Dellow's looking at some cool situational stuff over the next few weeks.