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[Friday's Leafs Links] The Wicked Witch Of The East Is Dead!

Three cheers for Dorothy! I mean New York!

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers beat Habs

Here's a recap and highlights from CBC.

Spencer Abbott scores hat trick, Marlies tie the series

Woo! Check out the GI6 and the recap from the Marlies' site.

Here's Jeffler's Marlies recap

Sounds like the team had a much better showing. It also seems like Peter Holland is ready to be a full-time Leaf.

Ed Snider completes treatment for cancer

Good to hear that he's on the mend.

Dangle loves the Kings-Hawks series

And why not? It's fantastic hockey.

The NHL Scouting Combine is coming up!

Time to start getting excited about the Leafs' 1st round pick. Yes, that's right, I'm optimistic the Leafs will select someone who isn't another Tyler Biggs.