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[Tuesday's Leafs Links] No Consensus On Carlyle

A few playoff-related links for you today, but also some confusion on Carlyle's status.

Richard Wolowicz

No one can seem to agree these days on what's going to happen to Randy Carlyle, and when it might happen. Damien Cox (linked only for reference purposes) believes that a decision is coming this week. He doesn't think Dave Nonis wants to fire Carlyle, but Brendan Shanahan is, of course, a wild card.

Next, we have this quote from Darren Dreger via @Hope_Smoke:

So there's that. But Dreger also says this:

Then, there's Steve Simmons:

So a decision is likely coming this week (though we don't know for sure) and not even the most well-connected talking heads seem to have any idea what that decision is going to be.

At least we'll know soon.

Anyway, on to the links.

Kings take two in Anaheim

Recap from Jewels From The Crown.

Bury your narratives

Recap of the Pens-Rangers game from Pensburg.

Corey Perry soaks Jeff Carter's glove with water bottle

Pretty good. Playing with soaking wet equipment is the worst.

Explaining the Devils' post-DZ faceoff results

Tyler Dellow explores his own stats in more detail.

Flyers won't allow Giroux to play in WC

Seems like a lot more players are being babies about not making the team, what with St. Louis also demanding a trade after the way it was handled.

Kessel on the list of potential NHL 15 cover boys

Gonna have to stuff that ballot box.

DGB on Joe Thornton's 'not a winner' label

He can come play in Toronto anytime.